Term 3

In Term 3, we are planning to support the launch of our Dashwood foodbank. We know that the cost of living is making it difficult for some families to afford food. Our foodbank is designed to support families who need a little help. We have been collecting some essential items including breakfast cereals, a variety of tinned foods, pasta, sauces, and toiletries. To keep this going, we will be putting a permanent box in the school entrance hall if anyone wishes to donate anything for our food bank. We will also write letters to local food suppliers and supermarkets to see if they can help us.


Term 2

As per their key priorities action planning, in Term 2 our Aspiration Council encouraged pupils at Dashwood to design and make a Christmas card. We had over 80 cards made and these were sent to two local cares homes in our community – The Ridings and Bromford Gardens – to brighten the Christmas of each of the residents.


Term 1

Our Aspiration Council have been voted in! There are two councillors from each class so we have another great pupil voice body at Dashwood.

On Wednesday 16th November, our KS2 Aspiration councillors were invited to Futures Institute. This was a fantastic opportunity to develop a consistent approach to student voice across the Aspirations Academy Trust and to demonstrate how important pupil voice is.

Nancy (Year 6) attended and told us about her day ‘We were asked to stand up and present on something that we were excited to share about our school.’

Aleah and Nancy did a great job sharing all the great pupil leadership opportunities that we have at Dashwood and what pupils are working towards at present.

Pupils completed tasks about the Aspirations Academy Trusts ‘8 conditions for Learning’ and what it means to be a pupil at Dashwood and in the Aspirations Trust.

A great day of networking with other Aspiration Councillors from across our Trust of schools helped our pupils to generate ideas for exciting campaigns and events with opportunities to share our pupil voice

The Aspirations Council’s key priorities are:

  • To plan more inter-house Aspiration Family competitions
  • To create further links with our local care homes – The Ridings and Bromford Park Gardens – to brighten the lives of elderly people in our community and give something back
  • To work with the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to create a space in The Grove to support pupils’ wellbeing


Our Aspiration Councillors 2022/2023:

Year 1 Rahma and Dylan (Holly Class)
Charlie and Soren (Hazel Class)
Year 2 Rafe and Rebecca (Maple Class)
Nadiya and Orlando (Redwood Class)
Year 3 Elijah and Ella (Silver Birch)
Charlie and Amber (Ash)
Year 4 Philip and Carmen (Aspen)
Jessica and Nathan (Rowan)
Year 5 Saif and Lacey (Beech)
Grace and Kelsey (Sycamore)
Year 6 Radu and Nancy (Oak)
Simao and Emily (Chestnut)

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Eco Warriors

Pupil Leadership: Eco-Warriors and Gardening Club  

Eco Warriors

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